How to review or copy a stored recording

review a stored recording, first enter the Service Functions dialog by tapping the Tap to access service functions field during system start up. (Finish possible ongoing recordings by selecting Start New if asked.) Then select the button Manage Recordings button, second from the left, to enter the Manage Recordings dialog.

Manage Recordings

To select recordings stored on the temporary storage on the internal disk, select the Internal Storage button. To be able to view recordings stored on a USB storage device, the device must first be plugged in, and then the USB Storage button be selected. Note that if no USB storage device is connected, the USB Storage button will be disabled. It is also possible to review the backup copies of the recordings that have already been transferred to a final storage media. This is done by selecting the Backup Storage button.

In the Manage Recordings dialog, the recordings will be listed in alphabetical order by recording name, which is practically the same as chronological order. Start time and date, and patient name for each recording will also be listed as an aid for the user.

To review a recording, highlight it by tapping the screen or use the up/down arrows on the screen or keyboard, and then select the Review Recording button or press return on the keyboard to load it. The PgUp/PgDown alt. Home/End keys on the keyboard can also be used to manoeuvre in the list. After a recording have been reviewed, the Service Functions dialog will be displayed.

To copy a recording from either the Internal Storage or Backup Storage, first connect your USB storage device, which does not need to be prepared for final storage. Wait for the Copy to USB button to become enabled. At the same time, the dialog will display the recordings on the USB storage. Enter either the Internal Storage view or the Backup Storage view depending on where the recording to be copied is located. Highlight the recording and then select the Copy to USB button. A confirmation dialog will be displayed before the recording is copied.

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