How to configure STAN for network printing

Ensure that the printer supports the PCL-5 language, that it has a network connection and supports the LPD (Line Printer Daemon) network protocol. Optionally, the printer can be connected through a network printer server that supports LPD.

Configure STAN for IP networking as described above. If STAN and the printer are to be connected locally using a crossed cable, we recommend that both STAN and printer are configured with fixed IP addresses in the 192.168.0.x series (e.g. for STAN and for the printer), with subnet mask Remember that for this configuration, a CNK 101 003 Ethernet Isolation Box is needed between STAN S31 and the printer.

Set any of the three PAGEPRINTER_X_ COMMTYPE settings to Network Printer.

Then set the corresponding PAGEPRINTER_X_IPADDRESS to the printer’s IP address on the network, or its DNS network name. Note that if a DNS name is used, a DNS server needs to be configured, either automatically through the use of a DHCP server, or manually using the DNS_IP setting. If the printer is not within the same subnet as the STAN, a gateway must be configured, either through a DHCP server of manually using the GATEWAY_IP setting.

If a printer server is used, or if the printer has multiple queues, set the corresponding PAGEPRINTER_X_QUEUENAME to the LPD queuename for the specific printer/queue.

If several printers are configured, it might be a good idea to set the corresponding PAGEPRINTER_X_NAME to something the users can relate to, e.g. Expedition, or Brother. If this is left blank, Printer <x> will be used instead when referring to the printer in the GUI.

Enter the System Status dialog by selecting the System Status button. Select the External Devices view.

Ensure that the printer is reachable by STAN by checking that the status notification in the Printers field states Online. If Inaccessible is stated instead, it means that the printer does not reply to ICMP Echo requests from the STAN unit, and further troubleshooting is needed. Note that a firewall installed on the network between STAN and the printer may block ICMP packets but still allow print jobs to get through. Printing a test page by selecting Test Print gives a definite answer.

Make a test printout, and adjust the corresponding PAGEPRINTER_X_GRAYLEVEL if necessary. The default setting, Normal, is good for most printers. If 143 (147) PRD 101 009/44 R5B February 2010 the users feel that the printout is too dark or too bright, the setting might need to be adjusted.


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