Software upgrade to R6A

Customers with software revision R4 series and earlier can purchase an upgrade to the latest R6A version. A brief summary of changes between software revisions R4H and R6A can be downloaded here. Click here for ordering details.


Software update to R4H

R4H is the latest software revision in the R4 series, and is available free of charge for installation on Stan S31 systems that already has a software version in the R4 series.

Please note that to upgrade a Stan S31 system in the R1, R2 or R3 series, new user and service manuals are needed. Installation on such systems is not authorized. For upgrade kits including user and service manuals, please contact

PRD101006/44 R4H contains a list of changes for the R4H software revision.

PRD101005/44 R4H contains instructions on how the software update is installed. Customers are asked to fill in the form on the back of the installation instruction, and submit these to Neoventa by fax, mail or email.

Stan S31 R4H Software update instruction (463.6 KB)

The software update is contained in the following zip file.

Compatibility Issues
Customers with Stan Viewer need Stan Viewer version R2K in order to view STN files generated by Stan S31 software revision R4H. The update to R2K can be downloaded here.

Customers with Stan Viewer Live need Stan Viewer Live version R1B or R1C in order to view recordings from Stan S31 software revision R4H. For information on how to aquire the update, see the Stan Viewer Live update page.

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