First Stan fetal monitoring center opens in the USA

October 2007

The first STAN center in the USA opened on Monday October 22nd, 2007 in the labor and delivery unit at the Community Regional Medical Center and the University of California, Fresno Medical Education Program. The system, developed in Sweden by Neoventa Medical, is available in Europe since 2000 and in use in more than 350 labor delivery units.

Conrad Chao, M.D., Chief of Obstetrics and Gynecology for UCSF Fresno and Director of Perinatology, says in a comment: “We are all very excited to be the first center in the country to use this unique new method”.

The STAN system is based on a new method for fetal surveillance that augments conventional fetal monitoring with a computerized analysis of the fetal electrocardiogram utilizing a method called ST Analysis. ST analysis is the only electronic fetal monitoring that has been demonstrated to reduce the incidence of signs of hypoxic brain injury at birth in clinical trials. STAN is marketed in the USA by Neoventa Medical Inc.

Community Regional Medical Center and UCSF Fresno operate one of the largest labor and delivery units in California with almost 7,000 births per year. It is a unit dedicated to research and education as well as providing the families in the community with the best possible care during labor.

“We are convinced that this new method will improve our care even more, and that ST Analysis will very soon become standard of care in the USA”, says Dr. Chao. “It is a great opportunity for our unit and our University to be the leading center in the implementation of this new method in our country”.

Neoventa Medical

Neoventa Medical Inc. is completely owned by Neoventa Medical AB, a Swedish registered company. Neoventa develops and markets fetal surveillance systems for improving perinatal healthcare. The company has combined the latest technical innovations with unique medical competence in establishing ST Analysis as one of the most interesting new developments within perinatal medicine. STAN S31 is the latest product for this purpose. Neoventa is owned by Investor Growth Capital, Capman and SEB

For additional information, please contact Jan Stalemark, CEO Neoventa Medical Inc. +1 (801) 243 3699 or +46 733 72 22 01.

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