New Nanotechnology opens up new possibilities in perinatal care that may significantly improve outcomes during childbirth.

Mölndal June 14, 2010

Researchers at the Ångström Laboratory in Uppsala, Sweden have discovered a new method to manufacture nanomaterial sensors so that it becomes possible to for example measure different components of body liquids, i.e. blood or amniotic fluid.

Nanexa AB, the company that now owns this technology, has recently signed an exclusive agreement with Neoventa Medical AB to develop this very promising technology with in the perinatal care area. In the first application Neoventa and Nanexa will develop a sensor that measures lactate during labour and delivery. Lactate is an indicator for oxygen depletion of the fetus.

Being able to measure the lactate level in this way is a huge advantage compared to how this is done today says Professor Magnus Westgren at the Karolinska University Hospital. “Not only do we make the procedure considerably easier for the healthcare personnel but also possible to measure the lactate level of the fetus earlier than what is possible today.”

With the combination of lactate and our ST Analysis the information of how well the baby is doing during labour will improve one step further says Jan Stålemark, CEO Neoventa Medical. “The advantage is also that lactate is an already recognized parameter with scientific evidence. With this new technology we believe that we can help doctors and nurses to make better informed decisions improving the outcome. Although poor outcome is infrequent the consequences are fatal for the parents, their family, friends and of course the baby. In addition, the cost for a poor outcome is enormous today and continues to increase. Both medical legal claims and a potential life long handicap adds up to astronomic amounts. We know already today that ST Analysis is cost effective alone according to a publication in the BJOG 2008. With the combination of lactate we believe that we can improve outcome further and make the application even more cost effective.“

The sensor technology is unique and has the advantage that it is not necessary to draw a blood sample from the patient since the sensor measures the lactate level of the baby directly at the tip of the fetal scalp electrode.

Professor Jan-Otto Carlsson at Nanexa says that the sensor technology can basically detect any components with good accuracy in both liquid and gas samples. “The application takes advantage of the Nobel priced innovation of Raman Spectroscopy and Nanexa’s unique sensor tip making the sampling specific for certain components. Since it is a spectroscopic technique many species can be measured simultaneously.”

Christian Östberg, CEO at Nanexa comments “Our development collaboration with Neoventa is outstanding and I am very pleased to announce this agreement for our ultra sensitive sensor within the field of perinatal monitoring. This agreement is an important step towards Nanexa becoming a sustainable supplier to the medical device industry. We are convinced that Neoventa will make the new product a success.”

About Neoventa

Neoventa Medical AB is a medtech company developing monitoring and management tools for improved perinatal healthcare. The company is based in Mölndal close to Göteborg in Sweden. Neoventa has combined a unique medical expertise with digital signal processing technology to establish ST analysis of the fetal heart as one of the most exciting advances within the field of perinatal medicine. STAN™ S31 is the latest of a series of products for this purpose.

For more information please contact Jan Stålemark, CEO. +46 (0) 31-758 32 00 or +46 (0) 733 72 22 01

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