Swedish STAN study acquitted

Mölndal, September 16 2010

The Vice-Chancellor of Lund University has today announced its decision in the investigation of the Swedish STAN study. The Vice-Chancellor acquitted the research group behind the study of all allegations and notes that it is extremely unfortunate that the case has taken so long because it caused serious consequences for individuals.

”It is very gratifying that the research group has finally been completely cleared, and that the research that forms the basis of the STAN methodology now no longer can be questioned,” said Neoventa CEO Anders Due-Boje. ”It’s been a long process for all involved that we can now put behind us.”

“With all the published observational studies there has never been any doubt that the method works well in everyday clinical practice. The number of children that are born with signs of asphyxia decrease over time at clinics using the method ” Due-Boje continues.

The Swedish randomized trial has been investigated by the Vice-Chancellor since 2007 after allegations of misconduct in research. The research group behind the study has always rejected the allegations. Hopefully similar cases will in the future be handled in much less time to minimize the suffering of all parties.
For more information on the investigation of the STAN study and the research group’s response, please refer to the Lund University website: www.med.lu.se/english

About STAN and ST Analysis

If the fetus suffers from lack of oxygen this will result in changes in the fetal ECG waveform. ST Analysis shows these changes and thus gives information about fetal supply of oxygen. ST Analysis is used as an adjunct to conventional fetal heart rate monitoring. This combination is called the STAN-methodology.

About Neoventa

Neoventa Medical AB is a medical device company that develops, manufactures, markets and sells products in perinatal care. STAN and ST Analysis are unique products for the company. Neoventa with headquarters in Molndal, Sweden is owned by Investor, SEB and CapMan Life Science.

For further information please contact Anders Due-Boje, CEO Neoventa Medical AB, (+46) 031-758 32 01

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