Neoventa and CSAM to develop integrated fetal monitor solution for enhanced patient safety within Obstetric Care.

December 2013

Neoventa Medical AB has signed an agreement with Norwegian company CSAM Health AS to integrate the Neoventa Stan Viewer and Stan Viewer Live products with CSAM Partus, an electronic application for Gynecologists, midwives and pediatricians. The integration will make it possible for hospital staff, during birth and in pre-labor examinations, to view archived and real-time Stan tracings through their CSAM Partus Maternity Information System.

The Stan fetal monitor enables evidence-based ST Analysis of the fetal ECG as an adjunct to CTG. It has been used in over one million births since its introduction in Europe. More than 15,000 patients have been enrolled in randomized trials and over 100,000 patients have been enrolled in observational studies.

CSAM Partus contributes to quality assurance and increasing efficiency through all stages of pregnancy, birth and the post-natal process. Through the integration it will be possible to see the patients’ ongoing CTG/Stan registration directly in CSAM Partus and assess all the information that both systems provide in a single view. It will also be possible to look up archived CTG/Stan registrations directly from CSAM Partus.

The integrated system will be available for hospitals and obstetric centers running CSAM Partus version 4.1

This is a very attractive integrated fetal monitor & solution that delivers simplicity for both healthcare and IT professionals while at the same time delivering increased patient safety for mother and child. When addressing a mother during birth or pre-labor examinations, the midwife or doctor can easily bring up previous traces from the same or even earlier pregnancies for comparison.

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