Neoventa and CSAM to develop integrated fetal monitor solution for enhanced patient safety within Obstetric Care.

December 2013

Neoventa Medical AB has signed an agreement with Norwegian company CSAM Health AS to integrate the Neoventa Stan Viewer and Stan Viewer Live products with CSAM Partus, an electronic application for Gynecologists, midwives and pediatricians. The integration will make it possible for hospital staff, during birth and in pre-labor examinations, to view archived and real-time Stan tracings through their CSAM Partus Maternity Information System.

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Swedish STAN study acquitted

Mölndal, September 16 2010

The Vice-Chancellor of Lund University has today announced its decision in the investigation of the Swedish STAN study. The Vice-Chancellor acquitted the research group behind the study of all allegations and notes that it is extremely unfortunate that the case has taken so long because it caused serious consequences for individuals.

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New Nanotechnology opens up new possibilities in perinatal care that may significantly improve outcomes during childbirth.

Mölndal June 14, 2010

Researchers at the Ångström Laboratory in Uppsala, Sweden have discovered a new method to manufacture nanomaterial sensors so that it becomes possible to for example measure different components of body liquids, i.e. blood or amniotic fluid.

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New method saves babies during childbirth – a paradigm shift in fetal monitoring

Mölndal, 2010-02-19

Recently, a very large Swedish clinical study* was published in the well recognized American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

The study is unique and summarizes all deliveries at one hospital over a seven year period. The results show that since the introduction of the STAN® monitor with ST Analysis, the number of babies born with asphyxia during birth has been reduced by more than 90%. The article states that this is a paradigm shift in the outcomes for deliveries.

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Sharp decrease in babies born with asphyxia and brain damage at Nordic clinics with new surveillance method

Reykjavik, Iceland June 2008.

The number of babies born with severe oxygen deficiency, asphyxia and brain damage has decreased sharply at the university clinics in the Nordic countries that use ST Analysis, a rather new Swedish method for fetal surveillance during labor. New statistics show a strong increase in safety at deliveries during the last few years. The new results were reported today at the 36th Nordic Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Reykjavik, Iceland (NFOG).

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First Stan fetal monitoring center opens in the USA

October 2007

The first STAN center in the USA opened on Monday October 22nd, 2007 in the labor and delivery unit at the Community Regional Medical Center and the University of California, Fresno Medical Education Program. The system, developed in Sweden by Neoventa Medical, is available in Europe since 2000 and in use in more than 350 labor delivery units.

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Philips signs cooperation agreement with Neoventa

Mölndal, Sweden April 2007

Dutch company, Philips Medical Systems has signed a cooperation agreement with Swedish company, Neoventa Medical AB. The agreement means that the companies’ fetal monitoring systems will be compatible, and it will be possible to receive ST data in OB TraceVue from births monitored with STAN, which until present represent close to one million. “The agreement is a major success for both Neoventa and Philips,” says Neoventa’s CEO, Jan Stålemark, “It is further confirmation that the STAN method has been widely accepted.”

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Investor Growth Capital and CapMan invest in Neoventa Medical

Mölndal, Sweden 19th June 2006.

Investor Growth Capital and CapMan invest in Neoventa Medical AB, a Swedish medical technology company within the area of fetal monitoring. Following these investments, CapMan and Investor Growth Capital will each have an approximately 30% stake in Neoventa. The majority of the other shares will be retained by SEB Företagsinvest. The new shareholder structure will together secure a total capital injection of SEK 75 million that will finance the next phase of growth for Neoventa with a focus on the US market.

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Neoventa introduces unique fetal heart monitor to the U.S. market

Mölndal, Sweden, November 2, 2005

The U.S. Food and Drug Admistration (FDA) has approved the STAN® S31 Fetal heart monitor Pre-Market Approval (PMA) application. STAN from Neoventa Medical is the first fetal monitor proven to reduce the risk of brain injury during labor.

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FDA Advisory Panel Unanimously Recommends Approval of the STAN Fetal heart monitor from Neoventa Medical

Gaithersburg, Maryland, June 23 2005

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Obstetrics and Gynecology Advisory Panel voted Thursday to recommend approval of the STAN® S31 Fetal heart monitor Pre-Market Approval (PMA) application. STAN helps clinicians identify babies at risk due to oxygen deficiency during labor. It also reduces the number of unnecessary operative interventions.

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