Rimkus Telemetry

Note on telemetry cable revisions

To use the Ultrasound disable feature on the previous telemetry model T803 from Rimkus Medizintechnik, CBL000002 revision R2A or later is required, together with software revision R4K or later. Revision R1A of the cable works only with software revisions R3A to R4J.

Neoventa offers free upgrade of cable CBL000002 revision R1A, to the current revision R2B. Contact Neoventa Sales for details.

Compatibility with new T840 model

Neoventa has confirmed compatibility between Stan S31 and Telemetry System T840 from Rimkus Medicintechnik in Germany. The T840 is a 2-channel system, supporting singleton Ultrasound and Toco. To use the T840 with Stan S31, Neoventa telemetry cable CBL000002 is required.

To mount the T840 system on the Tr31 Trolley, Neoventa recommends to put the T840 unit on the upper shelf, and adding a keyboard holder MTP103006 (see Figure 1 below). Note that for the configuration to work, the Tr31 Trolley must have the latest, long VESA mount (see Figure 2 below). If the previous shorter VESA mount is used, the keyboard will be too close to the T840 unit.

Also note that the T840 unit has a IEC320 C7 power inlet which means that Neoventa’s standard a jumper cord cannot be used.

fig1 telemetry

Figure 1: Telemetry system T840 mounted on TR31 Trolley, with Stan keyboard on keyboard holder

fig2 telemetry

Figure 2: Long VESA mount

Short Term Variation

Short Term Variation is an option to Stan S31 that is purchased separately. The option is listed in the pricelist with article number 7/SYS101003. A description of this product is contained in the Stan S31 user manual, revision R6A, pages 70-72. An extract in English can be downloaded here.

The delivery of the Short Term Variation option contains of a license code and an installation instruction, see example . Note that installing the Short Term Variation option requires software revision R6A or later. Software version R6A is therefore included in the price. When ordering, please indicate whether you need R6A or not.

Stan Viewer Live

Stan Viewer Live is a software product for viewing ongoing Stan recordings from a windows computer within the hospital network. It differs from a classical central monitoring system in that only one recording at a time can be reviewed. The primary intention with Stan Viewer Live is for the Stan operator to be able to get a second opinion from another clinichian, e.g. a doctor-on-call. A product information flyer for Stan Viewer Live can be downloaded here. This document gives a brief description of the product, including it’s benefits.

Stan Viewer Live requires each Stan S31 to be connected to the hospital network over TCP/IP. Installing Stan Viewer Live is very much a task for the hospital IT department, including configuration of web servers and user groups. When selling in the product, it is therefore important that the IT department accepts the ownership of installation and maintenance. To achieve this, it may be necessary to provide a copy of the Stan Viewer Live installation manual, which can be downloaded here.

The article number for Stan Viewer Live is STW300300, and pricing is per Stan system. Currently, the software is translated to the following languages:

  • English (UK)
  • English (US)
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish
  • Danish
  • Russian

Expect an extra 4 weeks of delivery time for languages not listed above.


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