Evidence based obstetric care

Apart from being a cutting edge tool to increase safety and well being, the Stan Method is a combination of ingenious and highly technological solutions.

The cornerstone of our fetal monitoring solutions is the flexible Stan S31 Electronic Fetal Monitor (EFM). By adding our patented ST Analysis of the fetal ECG waveform and our Stan Viewer Live, you get a complete and continuous view of fetal health during labor. With the Stan Viewer option, any Stan recording can be digitally stored for future reference. We call it the Stan Method.

More information

Standard interpretation of fetal heart rate tracings is highly specific for classifying normality but is less specific for tracings that deviate from normality. In such situations, ST Analysis aids in grading deviations from normality. The combination of ST Analysis and standard EFM parameters provides more information about the fetus during labor than EFM alone.

In short, the benefits of the Stan Method are numerous. The most evident and prominent ones include improvements in  interpretation and understanding of EFM (education), better decision making based on the Stan Clinical Guidelines and intervening only when necessary.

A good start in life

The Stan Method offers the obstertical staff the ability to better assess the health status of mother and fetus. From admitting the patient, until the child is born, the Stan Method assists the staff in helping labor and delivery of the child. Less stress for mother and staff means giving the new baby a good start in life.

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